The Recipes

Elsa and I have lived and worked in many countries around the world. The recipes in this book are our favourites from the East, the West & places in between.  There are vegetarian options and ones meat lovers will adore. There are recipes for traditional, comfort foods and innovative recipes to tantalize your senses. Most of the recipes are quick & easy but some take a bit more time or technique. Some are ideal for entertaining guests while others are geared to family fun.  There’s truly something for everyone!  The User’s Guide  at the front of the cookbook has some tips for making the best use of these recipes.

Check out the Table of Contents below for a list of recipes in the cookbook. The dish pictured above is the popular stir-fried Japanese noodle dish known as Yakisoba (found on page 91 of the cookbook – if you’re curious, this is, indeed, a different photo than you’ll see in the cookbook. It was such a beautiful day outside we decided to take a photo of our lunch!).

Twice a month, beginning in November 2018, I’ll be posting a new recipe on my Facebook page . If you’d like to receive these recipes, just go to the page and click like and follow.