I love the chapter on kitchen happiness with domestic helpers. It is clear, informative and practical. I especially love the emphasis on clear communication and continual feedback. This will be a very helpful guide for both new and experienced employers. (Lidia Garcia, Fair Employment Agency)

I think this cookbook will be really useful for young parents or young people living on their own for the first time – everyone should know how to take care of themselves and their families. (Kelvin Wong, Parent Genie)

I think the food safety section in this cookbook will be helpful on many fronts including as someone’s first cookbook or for those who need to instruct others who will be preparing food in their home.  As a dietitian, I know how important it is for people to know how to cook & plan healthy meals for their families and the easy-to-follow recipes & step-by-step meal planning tips in this book can help people do just that. (Tracy Simaika, RD CDE)

Comprehensive & informative, this culinary treasure chest contains a vast collection of gourmet desires, from Homestyle Chicken Noodle Soup to exotic Seafood Skewers with Thai Green Curry Sauce. A must have for every kitchen. (Cinderella Lo, HK Foodie)

In Home Cooking – East and West, Elsa (Helper) and Natalia (Nutritionist) provide a wonderful digest of practical ideas and tasty recipes for individuals and families, especially those with helpers, who want to enjoy healthy eating and a happy home. This book will be a godsend for families and individuals who, like me, have prioritized cleaning and other skills well above cooking skills when recruiting their helpers. All instructions, from ingredients and shopping lists to the actual process of cooking itself, are easy to understand and follow, and have been road-tested by staunch foodies for flavor and helpers for “how-to”. What I also love about this cooking book is that it’s the first I have seen that acknowledges that having a ‘happy’ kitchen is vital to meal preparation and the overall good health of every person in the household. Those of us with helpers who prepare our food do well to remember that food preparation with ‘heart and goodwill’ is no less important than choosing the best ingredients you can afford and eating in the correct proportions at the right times. To this end, there is a whole section devoted to effectively communicating with your helper when it comes to meal preparation and planning. Last, but not least, Elsa and Natalia have included a monthly menu planner that takes the hassle out of thinking what everyone will eat tomorrow when you are too busy trying to manage the schedule of today. I have no doubt that this cooking book will quickly become a staple in your home. Enjoy! (Catherine Martsch, LoveIt)

It’s amazing to see the tremendous number of delicious and healthy recipes that Natalia is offering. I wish I had this book earlier! (Derek Tsoi, Parent Genie)