Meal Planning Made Simple

Meal Planning 

Since our bodies are the vehicles that take us on our journey through life, it makes sense to keep them functioning at top level.  If we choose a variety of well-balanced, high quality food and drinks, it’s more likely we can give our bodies what they need to grow and be as healthy as possible.  I firmly believe that everyone should know how to plan & cook healthy meals for themselves and others whose health and well-being they are responsible for.  At the same time, I believe that favourite foods, including homemade treats, have an important role to play in a healthy, well-balanced diet.

This section, based on decades of nutrition & dietetic study and experience, provides the essentials for understanding quick, healthy meal planning and gives tips for easily and practically applying these concepts.

A Month of Menus

For those days when you don’t feel like thinking about what to cook, we’ve also included a sample Month of Menus for you to consider. The menus are well-balanced and have suggestions for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Each day features recipes, whether Eastern, Western or a combination of the two, from Home Cooking East & West.  If you plan your shopping using the Suggested Shopping List, you may even have the ingredients you need on hand!  Reading the User’s Guide at the beginning of the book can help you make best use of this resource.

Shopping List & Tips

Whether you do the grocery shopping or someone else does, the Smart Shopping Tips section can help make shopping a more time & money efficient experience. The tips can also help keep your food safer.

If you’d like to make food preparation quicker, consider using the Suggested Shopping List to keep key ingredients on hand. The List includes ingredients found in many of the recipes in the book. If you decide which recipes you’d like to try, you can highlight their ingredients on the Suggested Shopping List and, if appropriate, keep them in stock (replacing them as needed).