Kitchen Happiness with Domestic Helpers

The “Kitchen Happiness with Domestic Helpers” chapter of Home Cooking East & West is for employers of domestic helpers.  By planning menus, choosing recipes, buying ingredients and preparing meals, domestic helpers can have a huge impact on the health and happiness of the families they work for.  Elsa and I believe that good communication leads to a happy kitchen and that this, in turn, leads to healthier meals and happier people.  It is our hope that employers and helpers will use this chapter (and book) together & that it will help foster kitchen happiness, healthy meals & happy people.

To this end, the chapter has tips for effective home-kitchen management for employers of helpers who work with food.  It also has worksheets to help clarify employer needs, preferences and expectations regarding how food is to be handled in the home including: meal planning, food shopping, food preparation, clean-up and storing leftovers.

Since every employer-helper situation is unique, employers will need to use both their heads and their hearts in deciding what information to use as well as how to use it.