About the Cookbook









Home Cooking East & West is a unique cookbook featuring:

  • Over 160 easy-to-follow, lip-smacking, favourite recipes from both East & West with full-colour photos
  • A Guide to Kitchen Happiness with Domestic Helpers (for employers of domestic helpers)
  • A ready-to-use Month of Menus based on the recipes in the book
  • A Suggested Shopping List of ingredients to keep on hand for quicker meals
  • A Step-by-Step Guide to Planning Quick, Healthy Meals and
  • Some helpful tips on Food Shopping & Food Safety with just a pinch of kitchen wisdom.

This book was written for those of us who live in Hong Kong but come from other countries (i.e. expats).  It was intended for us to use either on our own or in conjunction with our domestic helpers, if we employ one. However, Elsa and I believe that other people will enjoy this book including:

  • Employers of domestic helpers in other countries (e.g. Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia, Canada etc)
  • Local employers of domestic helpers (i.e. those who are living in their own home country)
  • Domestic helpers looking to expand their repertoire
  • Young adults heading off to college, university or their first apartment
  • Newly married couples, new parents, families with older kids and, of course,
  • Anyone who loves a good home-cooked meal!

Elsa and I truly hope that you & your family enjoy our recipes and that the additional material helps make your “food life” easier, healthier and more enjoyable.